Just a few of happy feedback comments...

My dream come true...

"I always wanted to work in weddings, had dreamt about it for most my adult life, but my ideas and dreams always felt unachievable. My dedicated Consultant was local and great, very professional, very creative, and very supportive when I had any wobbles. He helped me with my brand, website, marketing and set up and even gave me some one on one sales training to build my confidence. He managed my risks and helped me understand accounting and finances and in all made me realise my dreams and overcome my fears. When I settled down, got married and had a baby he even helped me position the business for sale. In all I just could not have done it without him" Helen, Victoria, Australia  

Coffee mad Mick...

"When business seemed forever a merry go round of problems a friend at the Shire suggested Cavell Consultants. A free consultation and I was on top of the world again, these guys and gals can do it all and do. They helped me reinvigorate my brand and perception, strategically plan and launch new products, got me online and showed me how to plan and launch marketing campaigns that provided real results. Highly reccomend them." Mick Yarra Valley, Victoria

Organic Success

"We had all the ideas, but were doing so many little things just wrong. It was their attention to detail, creativity and planning that put us back on track and not only elevated the business across many areas, but gave us both some life back too. Thanks to all involved." Janet and Ian, Victoria

Candle Gifts Online

"I just wanted to thank you for all that you have done so far. The new brand, website and marketing is fantastic and is already showing results and we feel so much more in control of our destiny. We shall not hesitate to reccomend your services and support". Glenda, Victora

Boutique Country Cottages

"An excellent service from the start helping us create our cottages from scratch with a new logo, image, brand, photos, printing, website and much more. The attention to detail and creativity in all you do is great and the ongoing support, always fast and friendly is great to rely on. A great value local service." Julia and John, Yarra Valley

Women's Retreats

"We just could not have done all this without your support. We had all the ideas, but no results. With your guidance we launched the new brand, new marketing, and incorporated systems of work that helped us stay in control. 'Planning and perception' you were so so right and thank you for all you help with our budget....  Kate, Victoria

"Thanks so much, the website and marketing brochures are just fantastic, the photos were great and all the planning is now bringing results. We simply would not have managed without your support and help" Christine, Victoria 

"We had a 12 month retainer for about $15 per day and no hidden extras, they helped us with strategic planning, marketing, photographs, website, staff training, business systems, policy and procedures, risk management and contracts with our staff and suppliers. Superb throughout, helping us to learn a lot about success in small business". Di, Victoria

"What a brilliant service and great value for money" Mick, Victoria

" Would never have got this far without my mentor and consultant, always on the phone when I needed him, superb advice, very open and the proof is in the pudding" Paul, Perth

"Helped us with our brand and a new logo, marketing and strategic planning, photograps and printing. An excellent personal service and incredible value for money" Megan, Victoria

"Your support has been incredible, whenever I had issues stopping me you found a way through it all, your guidance and support and continous positivity is what made me succeed" Helyna, Victoria

"Helped us with three businesses to date, with creating brands from scratch, strategic advice and support, photography and printing, managing risks and supporting us both through a difficult crisis period. A significant asset for any small business, always confidential positive and supportive and great value for money" Nora, Victoria