Staff Search and Selection Consultants

Staff Search and Selection Consultants

If you are looking for the perfect addition to your team then it is so important you get it right first time!

Staffing is always a major part of any businesses financial management strategy, equally having the right players on the team with the right skills, motivation and attitude is crucial. 

With our strong interstate and international network and expertise in this area our team of consultants can ensure you get it right, spend and invest in staff wisely and cultivate the right candidates for the job.


We research your market and competitors staffing, conduct an analysis of your requirements and using proven head hunter and staff search techniques assist you in attracting the right people. We can assist with interviews, psychological testing and profiling, terms, conditions and renumeratioin negotiations, character background checks and positve vetting.

If you are looking for the perfect position in an organisation then we also assist individuials in finding the right positions.